Welcome to our studio. Studio Bravura is a boutique architectural firm, locally owned in Fremantle, WA. We can assist with a broad range of architectural design and project management needs including individual residential projects, through to commercial estate development and everything in between. We are passionate about sustainable design and can make your dream development become your everyday reality. Contact us today to have a chat about your first home or your next big project.

What can our Studio offer?

Residential Homes, Developments and Renovations.

We collaborate with you to design your perfect home. Whether it be your first bespoke architectural home or your dream development, Studio Bravura will work with you in every stage of the process to ensure your vision come to life. We believe in sustainable and functional design that creates beautiful spaces for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come. We can work with family homes and townhouses, apartment living, heritage home developments and co-residential and commercial properties.

Commercial and Business Developments, Major Projects and Estates.

Studio Bravura is very familiar with works on large project teams and in commercial estates and developments. If you are looking to develop a work or retail commercial space, new warehouse or storage facilities, or any other spaces that will make your business stand out from the rest, Studio Bravura is the right choice. We ensure your project is completed to a perfect standard, on time and in budget, and to all statutory and regulatory requirements. Studio Bravura is an expert in navigating the best path for your business or development needs within a project management context, no matter how big or small.

Our specialisations.

“To create something exceptional, your mind must be relentlessly focused on the smallest details.”

– Georgio Armani

Architectural Design Grounded in Place.

Studio Bravura knows that you come to an architect for a personalised and bespoke development, not a cookie cutter project. We are passionate about grounding our projects into a sense of place and incorporating a holistic understanding of your space into its design. We consider the historical and environmental background of your development and strive to seamlessly integrate your design ideals with a strong sense of place. This leaves you with a development that is truly one of a kind.

Specialist Understanding of Regulatory and Statutory Requirements.

Our services provide more than just specialist design. Studio Bravura can walk with you through every step of the development process and provide expert guidance through the challenging legal requirements , like obtaining council approvals or subdividing your block. We are specialists in negotiating with statutory or regulatory authorities.

Where can you find us?

Studio Bravura
9/25 Foss Street, Palmyra 6157
(+61) 0417 960 080

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